XTC Power Products | 2014 Polaris RZR Power out of License Plate or Whip



2014 RZR Power Out adapter makes it easy to power license plate lights or whip light.

Plug N Play means no cutting of the factory harness, Just un-plug the connector near the left rear of the car and plug our adapter in. It installs in minutes. You do not need to hunt around for those extra parts, everything is included, Plug N Play Adapter with 3′ power wire, 2 butt connectors, 3 cable ties and Heat Shrink. This model is a 3 wire connector and it works on the following, Polaris 2014 and older RZR 570, 800, XP9002/4,  XP1000 2/4 and 2015 Ranger that have the 3 wire rear harness. This adapter is for low current lights such as license plate or whip light, do not use on larger lights or it could cause the fuse to blow or damage the OEM wiring.

This adapter is for Polaris RZR’s that have a 3 pin connector with 3 wires going into the rear light harness.

  • Easy Install Plug and Play
  • Wire Harness pre-made with 3 wire connectors
  • 3′ Power Cable
  • Includes Cable Ties, Butt Connectors and Heat Shrink
  • For 2014 and older Polaris RZR 570, 800, XP9002/4 and XP1000 2/4 + with 3 pin connectors


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