WhipTech Bluetooth UTV Underglow Kit



WhipTech is proud to present the new and improved Bluetooth UTV underglow kit.

This kit was designed with the end user (installer) in mind.  We came up with what we believe is the easiest install that will give a ton of options to light up your favorite side X side.  Designed to eliminate the mind numbing soldering and crimping that is usually involved with Led  strips to get the right color accent light on your car.  This is a 100% plug and play system (it does require a small screw driver to screw the color leds into the controller along with the power and ground).  All you need to to is pull out the wiring harness and the connectors, lay it out in the car and then start plugging all the LED strip into the harness and zipty the LEDs all down. This kit is simple to install but we also gave you the option to not only have one color but it will allow to choose from a ton of different colors and several pre programmed dynamic patterns.

We have taken the time to put together a bluetooth plug and play LED strip kit that is laid out for the UTV.  All you need to do is plug the ends together and then zip ty up the excess wire and your ready to go.

What you get in this kit is:

1- BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER- connects to your smart phone via a free app to allow you to control the colors, dynamic modes, and allows you to play music that the LED will change colors with.

2– 1-8 splitter for the front half of the UTV and 1-8 splitter for the back half of the UTV

1– connector to connect the front half with the back half

8– 12″ LED strip IP65 waterproof with a 5′ lead to connect to your wiring harness, to light up such things as the grill, hood, interior lighting, wheel wells, rear motor are.  Truthfully your only limited by your imagination.

4– 24″ LED strip IP65 waterproof with a 5′ lead that can be placed under the car to light up the ground.

With this kit you will have several open connectors that you can add additional LED strips to if need be.  We can offer the additional strips at a minimal price just call or text and we can get those to you as soon as possible.


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