WhipTech 6′ Multicolor LED Whip



Our 6′ LED Whip is designed for ease of use.  A fully integrated multicolor LED whip that has no external LED’s or wires.  Just simply take out the whip and screw it into a WhipTech car mount (sold separately) and you are ready to go.  Our WhipTech multicolor LED whip makes it easy to change colors using a wireless remote control, which allows you to choose between 20 pre-programmed colors, 6 DIY (do it yourself) colors and 5 dynamic modes.  DIY colors gives you the ability to create 6 custom, one of a kind, colors that will separate you from the crowd.

Whip Installation:  (30min – 1 hr)

Attach the LED whip to a designed mount or tab with the supplied washer and nut.  Slide the threaded end into the ½ hole and screw supplied hardware on to the LED whip base. Please do not over tighten as the base is aluminum and the nut is steel.  Over tightening the nut will lead to stripping the threads on the base.To wire the Led whip it is highly recommended to run a dedicated power and ground wire from the battery to the supplied RCA jack.  Within the first 12” it is recommended to install an inline fuse (10amp) for a single LED whip.  From the fuse run the 12volt power to a mounted switch then to the LED whip.  The red wire of the RCA jack is the positive side and the black wire is the negative.  A soldered joint is the strongest connection but a solder less connector will do the job just fine.To change colors point the 44key remote control at the base of the whip and pick desired color.  The remote needs to be in direct line of base or it will not work.  The 44key Remote has a range to 12’ from base.


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