WhipTech 16′ Trailer/RV Underglow Kit



This is our LED underglow kit for your RV or trailer.  We have designed a kit that will serve as a supplemental light that will set you apart from the other trailers in your group.  Works great as an outside light that will use a minimal draw on the battery.  We will provide you with all the necessary items that you need to attach these waterproof LEDs to your trailer.  Using your remote control you will have the ability to have 20 colors and 5 dynamic modes that will change color and flash through preselected colors.  You will also have the ability to create 6 custom Do It Yourself colors that are unique to you.  Don’t forget to add the additional 16′ for the back half of the trailer.

RV underglow kit installation: (45min- 1.5 hours for 16′ and 32′ kits)

You will first need access to the battery on you trailer.  This is where you will get a 12 volt source of power for the LED.  We recommend placing a small inline fuse (5amp) on the power side.  The supplied power plug will connect to the controller and  your 12 volt source.  The red wire is the positive side and the black is the ground.    Please take the time in advance to plan out the route of the LED every rig is different and each has there own unique things that may make it hard to route the LED through.

Once the best path has been chosen you can then lay out the LED.  Start at the front corner of the trailer with the controller and work toward the back of the trailer.   Try not to place the LED in the dirt while you are laying out your path as the waterproof coating on the outside is tacky and will pick up the dirt off the ground. The led will have 2 sided tape on the back of the LED use this to hold temporarily in place as you use the provided staples to screw into the bottom of the trailer to hold the LED in place.  The provided screws are 3/4 of an inch and will fit into most trailers.  The plywood on the bottom is usually 1″ thick.  We recommend placing a staple every foot to securely hold the LED in place.  Some trailers will have a small notch on the frame rails that you can slide the led through to help secure the LED.  The wheel well is usually the trickiest part.  For the wheel well we like to move the LED strip to the outside portion so it will shine down on the outside of tires not on the back side.  Place silicon in the holes as you screw to prevent moisture from penetrating the barrier

Each trailer will be unique and no one way is the best.  You will have the flexibility to route the best option for you.  If you have a trailer that is smaller than 32 feet you can make the turn and go around back with remainder or you may cut the left over.  These LED strips can be cut and every 3 LEDs at the copper strips.

Motor homes or coaches will not have wood under the trailer to connect to.  Many coaches will have a metal strip that will run the length of the under storage area.  We recommend that you remove the wood screws and replace with a small metal screw that is self tapping.  This will allow a secure spot to mount the LED strip.


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