KC HiLites Gravity Pro 6 LED Light Bar (39″ YXZ 6-Ring)



KC’s new Pro6 LED Light Bar is an LED off-road lighting system unlike any you’ve seen before. The Pro6 is engineered to take lighting visibility to new heights while being configurable and modular. All Pro6 LED Light Bars are priced with vehicle specific mounting kits


-Powered by Gravity® LED G6 optical inserts – efficient, powerful, patented
-G6 LED Optics available in Spot, Driving, Wide-40 Beam Patterns
-High output, low amperage draw
-Available in 32″ 5-Ring, 39″ 6-Ring, and 50″ 8-Ring widths (Vehicle specific kits also available)
-Patent-pending Infinity Ring™ system enables you to configure the LED bar to be
straight, radius or hybrid radius positions (Patent-pending Application 14/704,736)
-Signature KC modular design is expandable to different widths
-Modular beam optics allow you to change and rotate beams to customizeLIGHT PERFORMANCE
-Raw Lumens: 32” = 11,500 lm, 39” = 13,800 lm, 50” = 18,400 lm
-Lux @ 10 Meters: 32” = 4,200 lx, 39” = 5,150 lx, 50” = 6,700 lx
-Candela: 32” = 420,000 cd, 39” = 515,000 cd, 50” = 670,000 cd
-Beam Distance (Meters): 32” = 1,296m, 39” = 1,435m, 50” = 1,637mSPECIFICATIONS
-Wattage: 32″ = 100W, 39″ = 120W, 50″ =160W
-Amp Draw: 8.15-13.04A
-LED Source: Cree XPL HD LED
-LED Color: 5000K
-Voltage: 9-32V
-Dimensions: 32” = H – 6.06″ x D – 3.33″ x W – 32.875″ | 39” = H – 6.06″ x D – 3.33″ x W – 39.125″ | 50” = H – 6.06″ x D – 3.33″ x W – 51.625″

Parts Included With Pro6 LED Light Bar System
-(1) Pro6 LED Light Bar
-Light Covers – Black with Yellow KC Logo
-Mounting Brackets and Hardware in Vehicle specific kits
-Deluxe Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness with 30 amp LED Switch

Patented Gravity LED G6 optical inserts provide exceptional efficiency and light output. Pro6 light bars ship with a combination of driving and Wide-40 G6 optical inserts.

The Infinity Ring™ system provides a race-proven, adjustable linking system featuring expandable widths, modular beam shape and a radius or straight setting between each ring.

The Pro6 LED light bar comes ready to fit most standard LED bar widths and is designed with high-strength aluminum end mounts. This universal mounting design easily attaches to KC mounts on your Jeep, Truck or UTV.

Inspired by endurance racing and tested by KC athletes worldwide, the Pro6 is set to break all performance barriers while providing the most durable, reliable and scalable LED light bar design available today.

Gravity® LED Pro6 Yamaha YXZ1000R 6-Light 39″ Combo LED Light Bar with Light Mounts – #91310



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