Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo Silicone Charge Tube Kit



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The Evolution Powersports Reinforced Silicone Charge tubes for the Maverick XDS Turbo are a great addition to a stock unit and an absolute must for tuned or big turbo applications. Our hoses are reinforced as well as being thicker than the factory hoses and have been burst tested to over 100 PSI. The kit includes upgraded high strength T Bolt Clamps for the throttle body and both sides of the intercooler (the turbocharger clamp stays OEM) which have the clamping power to keep the hoses on – even under extreme boost!! The intake elbow is smooth on the inside which provides the turbocharger with less turbulent air and increases airflow. The charge tubes also include a 1″ Blow Off Valve (BOV) port with block off plug and an additional boost gauge port. The Atmospheric Blow Off Valve is highly recommended for any tuned Maverick Turbo. See our BOV kit in the Maverick X3 Section or purchase the full BOV kit which includes the BOV and Charge Tubes.


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