Can Am Maverick Turbo XDS Turbo Pre Filter and Dust Outlet “Duckbill”



The EVOPS XDS Turbo Intake Upgrade System has been designed to overcome the shortcomings of the factory filter system installation. The Maverick Donaldson filter is an outstanding design and has plenty of flow for stock, tuned and big turbo applications, but Can Am decided to use a cap instead of the normal dust valve which most Donaldson intake systems use. The Donaldson design with a dust valve allows sand and dust to exit the filter canister instead of building up like the stock system does. Our kit includes both a dust valve as well as a pre filter which makes the main filter more efficient by keeping it clean. Sand and dust will not stick to the pre filter and the dust valve allows it to exit.

  • Pre Filter keeps the main filter clean and sand out of the engine
  • Dust valve prevents build up of sand and grit by allowing the material to exit


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