Bikeman Programmed Bully Dog GT for RZR XP Turbo




BMP Programmed Bully Dog GT for RZR XP Turbo

  • Bully Dog Powersports Gauge Tuner with BMP Custom Tuning for All Polaris RZR XP Turbo Models
  • Extreme horsepower gains with our highly advanced custom tuning!
  • HUGE increases in horsepower and torque up to +45 RWHP
  • Quicker power delivery and throttle response
  • Speed Limiter increased to 96 MPH
  • Rev limit increased to 9000 RPM
  • Fan kick on at 195 and kick off at 186 degrees to help maintain coolant temp and lower intercooler temps
  • Built in safety circuits are all in place to help ensure your motor stays safe
  • Monitor 4 gauges at one time while riding
  • Programs your ECU without having to deal with the mess of removing and shipping your ECU
  • Easily switch between different tunes
  • Data logging – data to the unit’s SD card for up to 20 minutes. Data can be played back and viewed using the Bully Dog software on your PC.
  • Turbo XP GT Monitors and Data Logs: Speed, RPM, Baro (Pre-Turbo Pressure), Throttle %, Battery Volts, Coolant Temp, Timing (MAG & PTO), Injector Pulse Width (MAG & PTO), Manifold Absolute Pressure, Perceived Engine Load %, Boost PSI, Target Absolute Boost/Pressure, Boost Temp Pre-Intercooler, Air/Fuel (with the purchase of additional system)
  • 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance tests
  • Read and erase trouble codes
  • Easy to install tunes developed on our state of the art Superflow 902 dyno and field tested for absolute power & reliability
  • Serial number specific. This unit can only be used to tune on one machine to prevent theft
  • For even better performance use with our exhaust and clutch weights
  • If mounting your GT for gauges, we suggest the Bully Dog GT Armor which helps keep dust and moisture out.
  • See the full description below for model specifics
  • Download Bully Dog Software
  • Part #: BG-48100-RZRXPTURBO
  • Each additional tune is $50.
  • Next, pick your tunes. You can pick any amount of tunes, in any order. Tunes can be sent to you via e-mail and loaded on the GT later on.

Additional information

Turbo Year

2016, 2017

Tune Selection

Level 1 – 91 Octane (+20 RWHP), Level 2 – 91 Octane (+35 RWHP), Level 3 – 93 Octane (+45 RWHP), Level 4 – 110 Octane (+55 RWHP)


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